Dress For Success

We make it simple and time saving for men to build a practical wardrobe for success. Firstly, understand their self-needs. Secondly, understand what works and what don’t work in support of their aspirations for success. Thirdly, how to project a successful image to attract people they desire to attract.

– Identify your personality styles
– Personal colour analysis
– Difference between appropriate and inappropriate attire.
– What will enhance your power or take away your power.
– Every details of men’s shirts and business suits.
– How to dress for success for every occasion.
– Different levels of dressings
– Using accessories to make a distinction
– Appreciate behaviors beyond clothing choices that contribute to a positive business image including body language, vocal tones and personal habits.
– Locate resources for shopping and services.
– Develop a personal action plan to improve professional image.


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