Pursue Your Passion For People

Inspire, Influence And Improve Every Life You Encounter

Pursue Your Passion For People

Inspire, Influence And Improve Every Life You Encounter

Train The Trainer (TTT)

What Is Image Consultancy

More than a physical makeover, the core of image consultancy helps individuals understand their limitations, overcome their fears, and develop self-confidence that will drive them toward success.

Who Should Become An Image Consultant

  • People who love people.
  • People who want to inspire and influence others.
  • People who are passionate about beauty and style.
  • People who are seeking to make use of their extra time purposefully.

Why Join BeyondImage

BeyondImage goes beyond image and personal branding. We build people from the inside out to help them shine in their expertise. And as consultants, we find great fulfillment in inspiring and leading our clients through impactful change. So if our purpose resonates within you, we’re more than happy to welcome you onboard.

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Our Programs

Coach For
Image Consultants

If you’re already an Image Consultant and need to equip on the technical know-how to achieve quantum leap, this is a proven coaching solution for you! We have helped Image Consultants achieve breakthrough in how they conduct their courses resulting in clients coming back for more.  

Image Consultant

If you’re looking for a rewarding career that will allow you to help people to look good, act right and speak well at different occasions, Certified Image Consultant will be a right course for you. How are we different? As you go through the technical and business know-how on the ABC of Image Management with us, we help you with 3 additional international proprietary tools to gain clarity of your talents, needs, communication and working styles. These will allow you to see what and who are best to complement your business.    

Turn Your Employees
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