Customer Centric Excellence

A fully game-based program with immersive marketplace simulation experience.

Entrepreneurship Vs Intrapreneurship?

Entrepreneurs are interested in their own business and take risks.

Intrapreneurs are interested in innovating their companies. They want less risk but want to follow their inspiration.


A fluid and flexible staff is a necessity to stay relevant in the market. Many companies struggle to find a way to get their employees to be resourceful and passionate rather than just doing the job and walking away. Instead, what they need is staff who see challenges as opportunities. They need staff who find solutions and are able to think like entrepreneurs. Intrapreneurs know how to push the envelope, be willing to change things and take risks, and then find ways to create possibilities out of obstacles.

Learning Outcome:

  • Be resourceful and create resources

  • Learn how to seek out opportunities rather than wait for them

  • Be willing to challenge the status quo and take chances

  • Develop a customer-centered approach

  • Become result-focused

  • Develop more passion for what they do and why they do it

Participants will walk away with a deep understanding on Stakeholder Engagement, Customers Needs and Psychology, Producing with Quality, and Understanding How To Create Value.


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