Business Communication

The Power of 3V Communication

An ongoing challenge in today’s fast-paced business world is to communicate clearly and effectively. When communication breaks down in the organisation or with clients, the subsequent misunderstanding and conflict that arises can lead to poor staff morale and low productivity, which will ultimately affect profit margins.

This course helps participants to communicate effectively and confidently at work with the 3Vs of communication: Visual, Verbal, Vocal. They will be able to develop and apply active listening skills when relating to others, and learn to give feedback constructively.


Communicating with Influence for Leaders

Effective leaders know how to use their influence to develop and empower others. This communication skills workshop for managers tackle the skills managers must develop to inspire others to take actions. It covers understanding influence, mastering different behavioral styles, setting communication goals, using stories and analogies to drive people to action, and more.   


Communication Skills for Technical Professionals

For people in the technical field, communicating with non technical people can be tough. This course helps to tackle one’s blind spots. Participants will learn how to communicate with different personality styles, choices of words, and approach people of different thought processes. They will bring home the fundamentals of building rapport to gain trust.     


A Hybrid of Power Business Communication At Work

This powerful hybrid of English speaking and writing skills programme is designed to enable company executives and managers to communicate successfully with clients and colleagues.  They will harness the skills to speak effectively and confidently on the phone, develop and apply active listening skills when relating to others, re-discover the foundation of their English language skills by writing powerful sentences, and learn the techniques of modern business writing.



How many times have you felt personal setbacks and disappointments when you’ve done your best but didn’t achieve what you wanted? Many times, this seems to happen at meetings or in a business negotiation. Having technical knowledge, experience and organisational abilities are all very important when conducting business. But when you’re unable to articulate your ideas with clarity, you will fail to get the BUY IN!

VALUABLE IDEAS that get UNNOTICED are a sad LOSS to any organisation.

Speaking clearly and effectively to all your business associates will encourage the smooth flow and function of any organisation, internally and externally. Expressing your ideas and sharing messages that are easily understood, will pave the way for you to achieve your goals as well as your organisational success.

This course is tailored for Executives and Managers, Sales and Marketing Champions with a focus on integrated communication skills. It helps you to express yourself effectively in any business dealings.

Learning outcome:

  1.      Identify and avoid communication barriers in relationships.
  2.      Learn how to communicate effectively and confidently in English.
  3. Learn to use body language, right tone, and choice of words to enhance   English speaking.
  4. Develop and apply active questioning and listening skills when interacting with others.
  5.      Develop positive communication with appropriate feedback and evaluation.



Level: Basic, intermediate, advanced.

Days: Varied, depending on needs.


Successful careers in multinational companies are built on strong English proficiency. All skills being equal, companies will promote a staff with higher English proficiency than other colleagues. At company level, many valuable ideas may not be heard if the employees feel shy to express due to low level of English proficiency.

Our English course is scaled towards meeting your business objectives. For example, if your objective is to enhance the Service Excellence communication level of your people, we have a course for English for Service Excellence.

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