Etiquette For Success

Mastering Business Meals

When it comes to business dining, what you don’t know can hurt you. This course covers the ins and outs of business dining. From the casual buffet to the seven-course meal, this course provides answers people need to know to successfully navigate challenging dining situation. This workshop works best when it’s offered in conjunction with a practice meal.

Professionalism and Etiquette for Technical People

Attention all engineers, scientists, and information technology professionals! Do you want to improve your people skills and abilities to work with others? This is a fast and effective way to polish your skills. The content gets to the heart of challenges specifically to those working in the technical fields.


Understanding the Basic Business Etiquette and Workplace Civility

This workshop focuses on etiquette and civility in the workplace. It is designed for organizations that wish to ensure their employees are aware of work expectations and office manners. The course covers topics such as cubicle etiquette, email etiquette, social media etiquette, and behavior in public spaces.

By the end of the workshop, participants should have a clear understanding of what is acceptable at the office and behaviors that are better left after office hours.


Exceptional Etiquette for Retail Employees

“Welcome to our store. Let me know if I can help you with anything.” When approached that way, 95% of customers respond with, “I’m just looking,” and the opportunity to engage is lost, maybe forever. This course is designed to help transform the mindset of retail employees. They will learn to make customers feel comfortable. They will also learn consultative approach to detect the needs of customers. In addition, by detecting different personality of customers, they learn to deal with different strategies.


Email Etiquette and Business Writing

Email comprises of a large majority of writing produced in the modern workplace. Unfortunately, much of it misses the mark in terms of clarity, tone, and adherence to the rules of good etiquette. This course addresses the best practices for writing correct and courteous digital correspondence. This is especially essential for companies that place importance in corporate branding.

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