Beauty & Selling

1-Day TTT for Beauty and Wellness Industry

We offer a highly intensive Makeup Train The Trainer Workshop for companies that carry  cosmetic products as their source of revenue. This solution is especially ideal for companies with a sales force that promotes cosmetics and skin care products to customers.

Two groups of audience will benefit from this program:

i.) MLM companies with leaders

ii) Retail brands with many promoters  

From Beauty Ambassadors to Leaders for MLM Leaders

This is a unique solution specially catered to Multi Level Marketing (MLM) leaders to facilitate a change process to generate outcome.

  1. Becoming an ambassador by applying the cosmetic products.
  2. Dress with style to represent the brand.
  3. Equip the skills on value creation consultative approach (soft selling skills).
  4. Reach out to customers and apply influencing soft selling skills.
  5. Conduct a home party to sell without selling.     

This program is a 3-in-1 program where we combine makeup TTT, grooming, and soft selling approach. Our experienced trainer is armed with years of experiences in managing and conducting beauty and retailing training in MLM. We speak the same language as MLM leaders to connect, engage, and stimulate actions.  

Beauty Promoters – Peaking Their Performance

This specialised solution focuses on mindset and skill set. Many times, Beauty promoters are lack the confidence and motivation in selling. Some may even be lacking in makeup skills. Hence, we address these key areas:

  • Building confidence and overcome the mindset “I am not good enough”, “I can’t”.
  • Equipping with makeup skills to transfer to customers.
  • Learning to educate customers on simple makeup DIY that will greatly enhance their features.
  • Learning to turn makeup DIY consultative approach to selling.
  • Learning to recognise different customer personalities and build rapport.    

This is a 3-in-1 program where we combine Makeup TTT, Consultative Selling Approach, and Communication Skills in the perspective of Service Excellence.

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