Always working against time? We’ll give you two hours back.

Our proven strategies will power up your productivity, enabling you not only to regain control of your workload, but to regain precious time as well – our clients consistently report gains of up to two extra hours a day. The added bonus? Increased job satisfaction, a vastly improved work-life balance, and lower staff turnover.

Gain an extra 2 hours per day, per person

Improve productivity by up to 30%

Increase focus on strategic initiatives

Improve delivery of key projects

Establish high-performing teams

Strengthen the relationship between your organisation and your people


The above is a proven worldwide solution that has been around in the past 30 years and has impacted more than 1.8 million executives worldwide. Beyond Image Global is collaborating with PEP Worldwide Asia to deliver this solution. If you are decision makers in your company, we would like to share with you what causes work inefficiency and some of the best practices of high performing companies including the Fortune 500.

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