Leadership & Influence

The Art and Science of Managing People

This workshop radically shifts your MINDSET and unlocks the secrets to understanding yourself and managing others more effectively in a People Managing setting using Personality Driven Solutions. Throughout the sessions, participants will learn the core aspects of managing self, managing others, and managing performance. You will also be empowered with Powerful Strategies and pertinent skills that can be used the very next day!   

Learning Content:

• Enhance the understanding of their own personality using MBTI® and the personality of others, especially subordinates, around communication and people management.

• To be able to translate the working knowledge of personality to better give instructions and to receive the best performance.

• To master the skills of reading personality stressors and increase sensitivity when dealing with sensitive issues like conflict.

• To create a working environment of trust and mutual benefit to reach organizational goals.

• Hone the ability to utilize the power of NLP to better read the body language of the people we manage.


Transformative Mindset and Effective Communication

A one-day workshop that instantly shifts the way you look at people’s behavior. It does not only allow you to see yourself, your colleagues and your customers in a different light, but your staff will also gain deeper realisation on their personal relationships. When relationship at work and personal life improve, your staff will be able to focus more on outcome driven activities instead of spending most of the time solving human issues.


Learning Content:

  • Gain awareness on the new level of perspectives and mindset/attitude using NLP approach in order to cultivate positive mindset in communicating with customers and colleagues.  
  • Understand different people personalities with DISC profiling, identify their strengths, weaknesses and how to communicate with them effectively with empathy in order to be able to handle human behavior and situations better.
  • Cultivate the habit of using positive words and actions in order to build better relationship with customers and colleagues, and eliminate negative words and actions that destroy relationships.
  • Develop active listening skills and the art of asking questions with colleagues of all levels. This will enable them to build better understanding and the ability to solve issues more effectively with customers and colleagues.


Master Teams

A very unique training and team building solution that addresses four stages of Mastering Teams: Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing. We help participants to develop a new thinking paradigm, which will allow us to see things in a different light especially when handling team members from different working cultural backgrounds. Achieving team alignment and helping teams produce results is the workshop’s objective

Learning content:

  • Taking leadership and ownership of your actions to ensure team success
  • Fostering team spirit and unity that go beyond individual performance
  • Developing problem solving and creative thinking skills to think beyond the box
  • Managing individual and team personalities to solve problems together and capitalise on everyone’s strengths


WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP                                                                                                             

Intensive Transformational Workshop For Emerging Women Leaders

An intensive 2-day life transformation workshop designed specifically for working ladies and their challenges in breaking free from stress, frustrations, hurt, anger, and to live a well-balanced work and family life. This workshop is focused on changing mindsets, unproductive behaviours, elevate confidence and assertiveness, and most of all, bringing out the best in any woman to excel in their career and provide what it takes to have exceptional results at work, happiness at home, peace of mind, and a well-balanced life.

Learning Content

Getting a better view of yourself as a woman

Gaining resilience as a woman leader in tough situations

Women Strength Vs. Women Weakness

What are your talents and needs – Motivation Factor Profiling

Celebrating gender differences

Changing the outcomes

Becoming more assertive without being domineering

How to achieve success at work and life

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