Unleashing Peak Potential

Have you ever feel this. When you are motivated, you feel energized and action on towards achieving productive day. When you don’t feel motivated, you just don’t feel like doing anything at all. And you also wonder…my motivation is not sustainable, why?

Goal oriented is short term, purpose oriented is long term. Most people are driven by goals, not by purpose, that’s why motivation is not sustainable.

According to Boston Research Group: Total Motivation = energy (29%) + Needs (13%) + Talents (10%) + Purpose (35%) + Strategic Connection (13%). We are helping you to discover your total motivation using a scientific approach and intuitive coaching.

In just half a day, we are helping you to unleash your peak potential with untold secrets about yourself.

i. Motivation Factor Assessment
Ii. Gain clarity and identify your Energy Enhancers, Energy Drainers, Needs, Dislikes Behaviors, Talents.
Iii. Intuitive approach: Deriving to your Purpose
Iv. Action Plan to Peak Potential



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