Peak Your Business With Image Branding

An outside in and inside out Image Branding Coaching that cover 10 aspects of building the great first impression and a lasting impression. A lifetime investment because we don’t fish for you. We teach you how to fish so you will fish for a lifetime.

Free! Join this course to get a free Assessment on your inner Motivation at work to unleash your potential. Beyond Image is the only Image Consultancy in the world that carry this Assessment from Denmark!


Testimony: Elizabeth Huxtable

When Elizabeth seek consultation, she addressed herself as Anne. After day 1 of consultation and one shopping trip, in the subsequent shopping trip, she asked to call her Elizabeth. She said, that was the name given by her mother. Now she felt that she worth carrying the name!

Elizabeth is a passionate Certified Sound Therapist. Her work has expanding  internationally within a year after the transformation.


Picture Above: Elizabeth Huxtable transformation after seek consultation from Jade.

Course Outline:

A. Cut and Style
Personality style assessment.

     What is your body proportion?

     What is your body shape?

     What is the Cut and Style to bring out the best of your body shape?

     How to camouflage areas that are less flattening?

     How to accentuate your assets

B. Colours

     Diagnose your skin tone and personality

     How can colors diminishing you, empowering you or overpower you?

     How to use colors to enhance your personality?

     How to use colors to influence moods?

     How to create slimming effect with colors?

     How to use colors for business advantage?

     Colors that bring out your WOW factor – Advanced Color Analysis.

C. Your Personality Style

     You are your own BRAND – what is your Personality Style from inside out

     Closing the gap

     Your personality and your accessories personality

     Unleashing the leader in you while bringing out the best of your personality

D. Your Professional Dress Code

     Command a strong fundamental of the scale of dressing

     Observe the proper dress code for different occasions – corporate & lifestyle

     Observe respectful way with clothing language

     Connect your profession, position and your personality

     Enhancing your corporate charisma by dressing professionally and fashionably.


E. Mix and Match

     Wardrobe assessment

     How to bring up the ROI of your wardrobe?

     How to work from basic to sophistication?

     How to bring up the value of your clothes by accessorizing?

     How to look slimmer with accessories?

     Ways of tying scarves for day and night.

F. Capsule Wardrobe

      Design a practical wardrobe that fit your personality style and lifestyle needs

      How to transform 11 garments into 33 outfits?

      Work on your lifestyle wardrobe and business wardrobe

G. DIY Transformation

     Learn to pull A-Z together

     Learning the concept of Mix and Match and put into practice

     Learn how to add a touch of sophistication to your current pieces

     DIY on your outfit with your own accessories

H. Poise, Posture & Body Language

     Elegant way of poise and posture

     What your body language tells about you

     Positive body language for a winning impression

I. * Personal Makeup & Hair Management

     Quick Fix technique for elegance in a simple application.

     Fish Tail technique for greater versatility – day sophistication and nite alluring.

     How to style up your hair for business elegance

     Hair-restyling session

J. Personal Shopping

     Learn to shop for the colors that bring out the WOW Factor in you!             

     Learn to shop for your most flattering cut and style

     Learn to shop for pieces that brings up your ROI

* This is optional. For ladies who already savvy with Personal Make-up, more time will be spent on other area. The timing and sequence of all sessions will be flexibly adjusted according to your needs.

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