Unleashing Peak Potential With Motivation Factor

Are your people motivated to achieve your company’s goals?

Motivation Factor is a scientifically proven method to strengthen Intrinsic Motivation and Motivation Capabilities. This is a ONE DAY SOLUTION, that will achieve what some programs aim to accomplish in three days or more.

1. How does Motivation Factor drive performance in your people?

We believe that…
… our needs govern our behavior,
… our talents form the most significant motivation factors,
… and our purpose fuels us with the desire to do our best.

Imagine your employees fully aware of their needs, talents, and purpose–every morning, they’ll clock-in to the office feeling motivated to perform!

So as you put the right talents together for maximum performance, allow us to provide an effective solution that will push your people toward success.

2. What Motivation Factor Is Not
This is NOT a personality test. The scientific assessment, MF Pin Pointer Pro, doesn’t answer how you react in different situations or whether or not you have leadership potential.

3. Is Motivation Factor a replacement for Leadership Programs?
Motivation Factor is used to complement, not to replace any of your leadership programs. No other program focuses solely on Intrinsic Motivation and Motivation Capabilities (which makes up 45% of total motivation). Motivation Factor provides a good insight into your people’s Intrinsic Motivation–gaining awareness to raise Motivation Capability. Combined with extrinsic motivation like rewards, and their work competency, Motivation Factor helps to drive optimal performance in the workplace.

4. Motivation Factor Pin Pointer Pro helps to:
– Provide feedback on your current level of motivation.
– Inspire you to increase your motivation capability and your intrinsic motivation.
– Identify your top 5 needs and talents.
– Help you understand how to meet your needs and how to leverage your talents.
– Identify the level of which you associate with your company’s strategy.

5. Who is Motivation Factor for?
Motivation Factor is an excellent solution for Leadership Teams, HODs, Project Teams, Identified Talent Pool, and individuals who aspire to optimise their talents.

Invest in just ONE DAY. Talk to us now!

1. Measure Motivation

2. Develop Motivation

3. Solution For Teams

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